Louisville Literary Arts coordinates the InKY Reading Series, Louisville’s oldest independent reading series. The InKY Reading series showcases diverse literary voices from the region and the nation. Since our first reading in 2004, we have featured writers from as far as Los Angeles and as close as our own Louisville neighborhoods. Our featured readers have published one or more book-length works of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, or hybrids through a nationally distributed, literary or traditional publisher. We are also pleased to showcase emerging writers with completed manuscripts who are actively seeking representation or publication. All writers receive an honorarium.


The InKY Reading Series runs from September through May. We feature two artists per event, each with up to 20 minutes of time to share their work. Artists are welcome to sell copies of their books after the reading once coordinated with LLA staff. For virtual readings, we will offer links to purchase or pre-order books.

Each reading begins with an open-mic, followed by two featured readers. We end the evening with a Q & A with the emcee, featured guests, and audience.

Sample Reading

6:30 Open Mic sign-up begins

7:00 Open Mic readers (up to 5 readers, 5 minutes each)

7:30 Featured Readers (up to 20 minutes each)

8:15 Q & A with emcee and audience

8:30 Book sales and signings

Changes to the InKY Schedule due to COVID-19 pandemic

During the 2021-2022 InKY series, we will continue to host the series through Zoom, unless otherwise noted. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate open mic readers. You may join the Zoom reading for free by registering ahead of time. This saves you a seat and will allow you to ask questions directly to our guests. We will allow broadcast the readings, beginning in November 2020, live on Facebook Live and post recordings of all past readings to our YouTube page. Please stay tuned and support our readers with book purchases.

If you are interested in reading in the 2021-2022 series, please fill out the form below.

Future readers:

2016-2017 InKY readers:

Sarah Anne Strickley & Jeff Worley 

Norman Finkelstein & Kyle Coma-Thompson 

Maggie Smith & Lan Samantha Chang 

Julie Hensley & Crystal Wilkinson 

Vu Tran & Tasha Golden 

Sarah Combs & Gwenda Bond 

T. J. Jarrett & Megan Kaminski 

Julia Story, Philip White, Hannah Lillith Assadi 

Ian Stansel & R. Dean Johnson 

2017-2018 InKY readers:

Kristi Maxwell & DaMaris B. Hill

Constance Merritt & Richard Engling

Stephen Robert Stein & Martha Greenwald

Kayla Rae Whitaker & Kiki Petrosino

Frederick Smock & Noah Eli Gordon

Noley Reid & David Serchuk

Tom Hunley, Katie Dary Mullins, &

Katerina Stoykova

Pamela Garvey & Gayle Hanratty

Leesa Cross-Smith & Amelia Martens