Writer's Block Festival


November 16, 2019

Spalding University


9:00 AM-3:00  PM                 
9:00 AM-4:00 PM
9:00 AM-1:30 PM
Self-Led Ekphrastic Workshop
Library Lobby
Library Lounge, Basement
Huff Art Gallery, Basement
Pick up writing prompts created by the Poetry Is collective at the Poetry Is exhibitor table, then head into the art gallery to view student art to inspire your writing. Poetry Is will collect all completed writing prompt and PERFORM them between 2:00-3:00 PM in the Huff Art Gallery. 
9:45-10:30  AM
PANEL:  Writers Who Return
Library Lounge, Basement
Panelists:  Olivia Cole, Asha French, Minda Honey
The Literary Dream is do-able and it's do-able from right here in Louisville, Kentucky where one doesn't have to face financial ruin to chase artistic pursuits. Essayist, Minda Honey, novelist Olivia Cole, and New York Times-featured writer, Asha French, will discuss how they have made literary lives for themselves in Louisville, what this city can uniquely offer creatives, and what we'd like to see take place here that's already happening in larger cities. 
10:00 AM-12:00  PM

Pre-registration required

  • Fiction (Room 329)

  • Poetry (Room 327)

  • Creative Nonfiction (Room 328)

schedule change
10:00 AM-2:00  PM
NaNoWriMo: Come Write In!       
10:45-12:00 PM 
READING: Regional & Local Writers
Library Lounge, Third Floor
Library, Third Floor
Huff Art Gallery, Library Basement

Featuring readings from: Tim Heerdink, Jake DH, Matt Hart, Megan Pillow, & Tytianna Wells

Local and regional authors read from their recent publications. 

12:00 PM
Pick up pre-paid lunches
Egan Leadership Center, Lectorium
12:30-1:20  PM
READING: Writer's Block Faculty
Egan Leadership Center, Lectorium

Featuring readings from: Joe Sacksteder, Derek Mong, Olivia Cole, Amy Wright, & Idris Goodwin

Book sales available at the Carmichael's Bookstore table.

1:00-1:45  PM
READING:  Miracle Monocle
Huff Art Gallery, Library Basement

Featuring readings from writers published in the Fall 2019 issue of Miracle Monocle.

1:00-3:00  PM 
Library, First Floor

Pre-registration required

2:00-4:00  PM


Pre-registration required

  • Playwriting (Room 329)

  • Young Adult Fiction (Room 327)

schedule change
2:00-3:00  PM     

PERFORMANCE:  Poetry Is . . .   

Library, Third Floor

Huff Art Gallery, Library Basement

"Poetry Is - A Sound Experience" is a local performance collective uniting poets and musicians to create unique poetry “reading” experiences with improvisational music. Sometimes entirely unrehearsed, these music and poetry moments are unpredictable and joyful community-building sound-bytes that transform the atmosphere of the poetry reading into a dynamic space. 

During the Writer’s Block Festival, Poetry Is members will guide visitors to the art gallery in a self-conducted ekphrastic writing experiment and will invite participants to perform their new piece (or have it performed by Poetry Is) at the afternoon Sound Experience show from 2-3pm.

2:30-3:15  PM

PANEL:  Feeding the Fire

Library Lounge, Basement

Panelists: Ellen Birkett Morris, Mary Lou Northern, & Lynn Slaughter

“Writing is like breathing, it's possible to learn to do it well, but the point is to do it no matter what.” Julia Cameron.  Knowing we face rejection and long hours alone in front of the computer, how do we keep ourselves excited about the work? We’ll discuss how to feed the fire of your writing life through conferences, a writing group that adds value, readings and prompts and invite you to share how you keep yourself motivated.  

3:00-3:45  PM

PANEL:  Publishing Town Hall

Lectorium, Egan Leadership Center

Panelists:  Agents Kenzie Nevins, Alice Speilburg, & Brent Taylor

Do you want to know more about query letters or pitch contests, formatting your manuscript or comp titles? Join agents Kenzie Nevins, Alice Speilburg, and Brent Taylor for a conversation about current publishing trends and advice. Audience questions will fuel this candid and informational discussion.

4:00-4:45  PM 

LIVE RECORDING: 5 Things Podcast

Lectorium, Egan Leadership Center

WFPL Host: Tara Anderson

Guest: Garth Greenwell

WFPL host, Tara Anderson, will interview Writer's Block Festival keynote guest, novelist Garth Greenwell, about the five important objects he has brought to discuss.

5:00-5:10  PM

READING: Writer's Block Prize

Winner, Aimee Lehmann

Lectorium, Egan Leadership Center

5:10-6:00  PM

KEYNOTE: Garth Greenwell 

Lectorium, Egan Leadership Center

Book sales and signing will take place after the keynote reading at the Carmichael's Bookstore table.