Louisville Literary Arts

FY2019-2020 Annual Report  

MISSION: Louisville Literary Arts creates vibrant spaces where writers and readers learn, grow, and connect.

PURPOSE: Louisville Literary Arts brings creative expression to all corners of our community, providing year-round programming that engages a community of readers and writers, supports writers financially and artistically, and fosters an innovative, inclusive, and vital literary community.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Louisville Literary Arts:


We are pleased to share with you this Annual Report highlighting the accomplishments we were able to make in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Please note that our fiscal year changed from a calendar year in 2019 to a July-June fiscal year model as of July 2020. This means that the next annual report you will receive will reflect revenue and expenses for FY2021 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021).


We accomplished a lot during the FY2019-2020 year; however, we also underwent significant changes: Between January-June of 2020, many of our longtime board members rolled off the board for a variety of personal reasons. This would have been challenging most years, but this happened in the midst of the pandemic. Please note that as we look over our FY21 finances, we have much to celebrate: financial accounting help from Impact V has brought our records up standards; the number of virtual workshops we have held have been extremely popular and well-attended, tripling the number of educational programs from the previous year; we held our first-ever all-virtual fundraising event in December 2020 and hope to make this an annual event. At the time of this report, we are pleased to say that our finances have stabilized and we are showing growth in the third quarter.

Below, please see what LLA accomplished before the pandemic. We look forward to sharing the positive outcomes of FY2021 next fiscal year.



  • The 9th Annual Writer’s Block Festival attracted over 300 visitors and featured writing workshops, panels, author readings, poetry collaborations, vendors, and a keynote with award-winning and critically acclaimed author, Garth Greenwell, who is originally from Louisville.

  • Free Community Workshops – 

    • We held our first free workshop, “In Other Words,” in honor of the Centennial of The 19th Amendment and the 45th anniversary of The Voting Rights Act. This 4-week poetry workshop included a participant reading and gallery exhibition of poetry broadsides created by poets in the workshop. Sponsored by Kentucky Humanities and WXOX ArtxFM. 

    • February 2020 marked the second year of collaboration with the University of Louisville Department of English, the UofL Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society, and The Kentucky Derby Museum to present 3 free poetry workshops as part of the annual Poetry Derby contest program.

  • Writing Workshops – Before the pandemic, LLA held 1-2 monthly writing workshops at venues around Louisville. During the COVID pandemic, we moved all programming and events to a virtual space and are proud to say we not only increased the number of workshops per month (3-5), but have attracted the most participants to date, with writers joining from as far away as San Francisco, Portland, OR, Dallas, Decatur, GA, and Philadelphia!! We now offer one-hour webinars as lecture-style programs and generative writing workshops. The average size of a workshop is 10 participants.

  • InKY Reading Series – InKY is the longest-running reading series in Louisville. In FY2019 we brought 10 authors to The Bardstown for free public readings, 8 of whom are Kentucky writers. While the pandemic forced us to postpone our spring readings, we spent the summer months collaborating with two local series  – Flying Out Loud and Correspondence – to host the virtual Triptych Series. InKY is now a virtual reading series, hosting three authors and/or poets between September and May.

  • Summer Writing Retreat – We hosted 18 participants in summer of 2019 for a day-long writing retreat where regional writers met, discussed their writing practices, and generated and shared new work. The retreat was lead by author and professor Sarah Anne Strickley at The Earth and Spirit Center.

  • Monthly Writers Meet-ups – These free, monthly meetings began in 2019 with the help of former board member Jenn Yates, who still leads sessions every third Wednesday, now on Zoom. 


The following is an overview of Louisville Literary Arts income and expenses for FY2019-2020 (7/1/2019 - 6/31/2020) as reflected on our IRS 990.  

FY 2019-2020 

Total Revenue: $33,430


Program Expenses $13,470

Administrative Expenses $23,881

Fundraising Expenses $957


Total Expenses: $38,308


Total Year End Net Assets: 



Workshop instructor, Ashley Taylor, introduces participants in the free, community workshop IN OTHER WORDS during the public poetry reading at WXOX studios. This program was co-sponsored by Kentucky Humanities and WXOX Art X FM.

Executive Director: 

Amy M. Miller

Advisory Board: 

Lynnell Edwards

Gill Holland

Emily Bingham

Erin Keane

Ron Whitehead

Ian Stansel

Board of Directors: 

Erv Klein, President

Mark Rabinowitz, Vice President

Julia Haynes, Secretary

C. Dean Furman

Timothy Johnson

Yvonne Lovell 

Jennifer Wagley

Robert Eric Shoemaker

Navin Madras