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Louisville Literary Arts

 FY 2021-2022 Annual Report

MISSION: Louisville Literary Arts creates a safe, inclusive, accessible community that inspires, encourages, educates, and supports writers and readers of all levels and genres.

PURPOSE:  Help people write stories that change their lives - and the lives of the people who read them - by providing much-needed literary programs, resources, and opportunities.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Louisville Literary Arts:

We are pleased to share this Annual Report highlighting our accomplishments of the fiscal year. In June 2021, LLA hired Charliese Lewis as the new Executive Director, with a new Board of Directors beginning a two-year tenure on July 1, 2021. Under the new Board, LLA has developed a 2021-2024 Strategic Plan; a new mission, vision, and purpose; a Cultural Equity Plan; and a Partnership Plan. LLA also adopted dba, Writecrowd, to promote a more welcoming and all-inclusive writing community. 

While LLA is working toward regaining its financial stability after pandemic losses, we have continued to offer quality virtual programming, with a plan toward returning to in-person events, including the 2022 Writer’s Block Festival.

Below, please see what LLA accomplished. We look forward to sharing the positive outcomes of FY2023 next fiscal year.



  • Wordshops – LLA renamed its workshop and seminar series to Wordshops. LLA hosted one individual and one joint class with the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, facilitated by Claudia Love Mair, Coordinator of the Kentucky Black Writers Collaborative. 

  • InKY Reading Series – InKY is the longest-running reading series in Louisville, which showcases diverse local and national literary voices who have published one or more book-length works of fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction through a nationally distributed, literary or traditional publisher. LLA hosted approximately 22 authors virtually, including LLA Board members, between September and May. We had participants from across the United States, England, and Canada. 

  • Monthly Writers Meet-ups – Erv Klein, Board President, led virtual sessions every third Wednesday, averaging about four authors per session. Meet-up returned to an in-person gathering in June.

  • On the Road to the Writer’s Block – In preparation for the 2022 Writer’s Block Festival, LLA was able to host its first in-person event since March 2020 at the Barnes and Noble at the Paddock Shops in Louisville.

  • Grants – LLA received grants from the Kentucky Arts Council - Arts Partnership Grant, the Kentucky Arts Council - ARP Grant, the South Arts Sustainability Grant, and the Literary Arts Emergency Fund totaling $13,650.

The following is an overview of Louisville Literary Arts income and expenses for FY 2021-2022 (7/1/2021-6/30/2022) as reflected on our IRS 990.

FY 2021-2022 

Total Revenue: $28,395

Program Expenses: $6,492

Administrative Expenses: $21,076

Fundraising Expenses: $0


Total Expenses: $27,568


Total Year End Net Assets: $827

February InKY - 2022.png

On the Road to the Writer’s Block event and InKY Reading Series featuring Claudia Love Mair, Coordinator of the Carnegie Center Kentucky Black Writers Collaborative, and Yvonne Lovell, LLA Board Member.

Executive Director: 

Charliese B. Lewis

Board of Directors: 

Erv Klein, President

Jennifer Wagley, Vice President

John Morgan, Treasurer

Tony Acree

Lana Helm

Kelly Hill

Navin Madras

Vin Morreale

Yvonne Lovell 

Julia Royston

Ariana Velasquez

Advisory Board:

Emily Bingham

Kimberly Crum 

Lynnell Edwards

Gill Holland

Erin Keane

Ian Stansel

Ron Whitehead

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