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Tuesday, June 9 - 7:00 PM EST


Docu-poetics: Putting the Past to Work in Your Poems

Instructor: Lynnell Edwards

Do you hear voices in your poem? Do landscapes of the past rise up in your stanzas? Are the maps and legends from forgotten places limning the line breaks? If so, then you are in the country of docu-poetics, a creative space where artifacts of the past can fuel our poetry. In this webinar we’ll explore examples of contemporary poetry shaped by the urgencies to document the lost voices, landscapes, and events of a particular past. We’ll touch on issues of voice and verisimilitude as well as our responsibilities to our understanding of history and our complicity in it.


We’ll conclude with a brief generative exercise based on an artifact of your choosing, so please come prepared with an artifact that resonates for you with a particular recent or distant historical past. The artifact should be something that is publicly accessible not a personal memento or correspondence. Some example artifacts include:

  • A newspaper account of an historical event.

  • A published diary or memoir. 

  • Posters, paintings, or photographs that document an historical event.  

  • Memorial statuary, such as a war memorial. 

  • Maps and architectural plans. 

  • Legal documents like treaties, contracts, or certificates of birth/death/marriage.

Thursday, June 18 - 7:00-8:30 PM EST


Teri's Play Date: How To Write a 10 Minute Play

Instructor: Teri Foltz

In this webinar, you will learn about the structure of the Ten Minute Play by analyzing one of instructor Teri Foltz's most popular short plays. You will also have time to brainstorm ideas for short plays through writing exercises and discover submission opportunities.


Participation in exercises is welcome, but not required!


Sign up, have fun, and leave with some ideas and hopefully, some inspiration!

Thursday, June 25 - 7:00-8:00 PM EST


The Poems of Our Dreams and Daydreams

Instructor: Katerina Stoykova

In this webinar we will explore the dream quality in poems based on dreams. We will discuss ways to get started recording dreams and best practices in using the raw material in poetry. I believe poets are dreamers and visionaries and daydreaming could be an integral part of our process. We will talk about the poets' abilities to stay connected to real and imagined worlds and to capture "visions" onto the page. We will go over a series of brilliant examples, then write our own dream poems as a class exercise.  

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