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Feb. 8, 2024

The InKY Reading Series is a free author series broadcast live on Zoom. Watch archived readings on the LLA YouTube channel.

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Steve Henn wrote American Male, Guilty Prayer, Indiana Noble Sad Man of the Year, and two previous collections. He teaches high school English in northern Indiana and has featured as a reader at venues from Pittsburgh to the west coast and Milwaukee to Bloomington, Indiana. Find more at

Steve Henn
Wasana Sumanasekera

Dr. Sumanasekera, born and raised on an island called Sri Lanka. Her birth was announced in a Sri-Lankan newspaper, came home with tons of gifts, because she was the very first baby born in a newly built hospital. Her parents gave her the name Wasana, which means fortunate in Sri-Lankan language. Wasana was a quite child, always interested in science and very inquisitive about nature. As hobbies she was involved in dancing, singing, and acting. She wrote her very first poetry as a teenager, however, life happened, and she did not chase that interest then. After finishing her first degree, she moved to the United States to join her husband in 1991. Wasana became a mother to a son the very next year. Eventually she went back to school for higher studies and earned two master’s degrees and a doctorate, while raising the first son and giving birth to the second one. Today she is a mother of three sons. Dr. Sumanasekera worked as a scientist and a professor in the medical field for the last 25 years in many universities in the US. Although her passion for writing poetry grew inside her, due to work and family responsibilities, she didn’t pursue that dream for a while. Her very first productive poems emerged about 16 years ago when she was so depressed about her father’s illness and his death. Wasana utilized poetry as an avenue to recover from the pain and sorrow. Since then, she has written many poems. She wishes to continue to write poetry, share it, and be successful as a poet who touches many hearts.

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