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Annette Allen

Charlie Bennett

Emily Bingham

Whitney Bishop, Change Agent

Genia Bonyun

Ariadne Calvano

Terry Chambers

Ashlee Clark Thompson

Kimberly G. Crum

David Domine

Kevin Duffy

Lynnell Edwards

Aletha Fields

Dana Frank

Harriette Friedlander

Furman & Nilsen, PLLC

Nancy Gall Clayton, Playwright

Jody Gilbert

Joseph Glynn

Terry Heick

David Higdon

Jessica Hildebrand

Holly Hinson

Dorothy K. Inman

Amy Jackson

Tim Johnson

Laura Johnsrude

Erin Keane

Erv Klein, Author and Speaker

Clea D. Lewis, Writer

John Limeberry

Yvonne Lovell

Dr. Rachel Matheis

Brittany Noble McCarthy

Sarah McCartt-Jackson

Amy M. Miller

Katherine Miller

Patti Miller

Carmen Moreno-Rivera

Laura Morton

Ellen Birkett Morris

Gloria Murray

Mary Lou Northern

Ngoc Nguyen

Bonnie Omer Johnson

Matthew Rasnake

Mary Reilly

Erin Riedel

Sandra Rippetoe

Raechael Robertson

Charlotte Bowling Roth

Holly Rudolph

Andrew Shaffer

Amy Shah

Robert Eric Shoemaker

Lynn Slaughter, Novelist

David Snyder

Speilburg Literary Agency

Allison L. M. Stack

David Martin Stack

Kathy Stearman

Ric Stuecker

Bart Swollenston

Gerald Toner

Jennifer Wagley

Alicia Weatherbee

Kathi Whalen

Barbara West

J. L. Yates

Katy Yocum, Author

Villis Yore

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