Current Positions

Executive Director

The Executive Director of Louisville Literary Art (LLA) acts as the day-to-day manager of LLA, responsible for the organization's programs, marketing, fundraising, community outreach, and operations. While the  Executive Director works with the LLA Board President and other Executive Committee members to implement the broad goals and strategies set by the Board, the Executive Director reports to the Board as a whole. The Executive Director, with appropriate final decision-making belonging to the Board and its officers, leads the organization and uses his or her discretion to implement LLA’s mission and goals.  

The duties of the Executive Director shall include the following:  

  • Staff Management - the Executive Director hires and supervises all staff, including but not limited to volunteers and interns.

  • Development and Management of Policies and Programming - working with staff, the Executive Director oversees the creation of policies and programs that help the organization fulfill its charitable purpose.

  • Staff Liaison to the Board -

    • The Executive Director informs the Board of the organization’s accomplishments regarding policies and programming at the community level.

    • The Executive Director fosters an open line of communication with the Board. Outside of formal Board meetings, the Executive Director is responsible for maintaining regular contact with the President, who in turn keeps the Board informed.

  • Public Relations -

    • The Executive Director serves as the “face” of the organization, supported by the Board and Executive officers.

    • This includes media, donors, members, and the community at large.  

  • FinanceWorking with the Treasurer, the Executive Director shall ensure that LLA is fiscally responsible and works within its budget or requests the Board to amend its budget as appropriate.

The Executive Director and the Board share the following duties, for which the Board shall have final decision making: 

  • Strategic Planning - the Board and Executive Director work together to develop a strategic plan and guide the organization toward their goals as set out therein.

  • Fundraising - the Board and Executive Director shall develop a fundraising plan that supports the strategic plan, and ensures the organization has funding to support the execution of policies and plans.

  • Evaluation - the Board and Executive Director shall oversee at least annual evaluations of the organization and its Board/Staff members to ensure the nonprofit remains true to LLAs nonprofit mission.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Erv Klein: