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Beginning Monologue Writing

Instructor: Keith McGill

Participants will be shown techniques for developing skills in writing characters for theatre and storytelling.  The course delves into developing a character’s voice and motivation through his/her/their words, and enabling the writer to free his/her/their own voice as well. This course can help novelists more effectively find the inner voices of their characters, and help playwrights with telling stories through drama.  (This two session course includes feedback from the instructor as well as peer feedback and learning.)

Level Up

Level Up: Techniques for Improving Your Novel

Instructor: Tim Waggoner

In this webinar, we will discuss ways in which fiction writers can avoid the most common problems novelists face. You will learn specific techniques for creating original, compelling, page-turning fiction of any genre. These techniques will help you more effectively deal with point of view, story pacing, creating vivid scenes, exposition, writing with an emotional core, and more.


The Devil's In The Details: Research for Nonfiction Writers 

Instructor: Susan E. Lindsey 

If you’re writing biography, history, travel, how-to books, books on social and political issues, or many other types of nonfiction, you’ll need to conduct research to ensure your book is credible and accurate. Join author Susan E. Lindsey, to learn more about how to locate sources, conduct research, incorporate what you’ve learned into your manuscript, cite your sources, and ensure you’re complying with copyright law.

Devil's in the Details


Found Poetry: Discovering the Poet Within

Instructor: Keith McGill

Explore the hidden meaning and power of words and phrases juxtaposed in new and infinitely interesting ways. All you need for this course is mental scissors and a sense of disorder. In the workshop, we’ll explore a written art form that winds its way through ancient Greeks, William Shakespeare, Dadaism, and right now. Everyone can be an instant poet. Come find out how.

Found Poetry
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