October 27, 2014

1) Your workshop is about lingering, “Giving Your Reader All the Time in the World.” What’s one of your favorite examples of lingering in fiction? Why do you think that lingering in writing is important? 

Let’s think of text as a gift.   Each day most of us gift our friends, family, and colleagues with lots and lots of gifts—bite sized—a text here, an email there, a tweet in between. How much thought do we put into these gifts...

October 1, 2014

1)  Your workshop is called “Crafting the Literary Lie.” What drew you to this topic?


I think it’s an interesting topic because so many poets are drawn to discovering the “truth,” but sometimes in order to bow down to the poem, we must ignore the facts and focus on the craft. I think we often have this idea that poetry, or memoir, or even fiction can just be a list of terribly true sad things. That’s not how it works. The best...

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February 3, 2016

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