LLA Supports Black Lives Matters

Louisville Literary Arts supports Black Lives Matter.

As the world turns its attention to Louisville and as protesters demand justice for the murder of Breonna Taylor, we stand with the protesters. 


As a local arts organization and an organization that lifts and carries the words of our community at large, we pledge our full support to indigenous writers and writers of color and, moving forward, commit to do a better job in amplifying diverse voices. 


We will accomplish this by:


  • Featuring a more representative roster of guest artists.
  • Contracting with more diverse writing instructors. 

  • Training our writing instructors to teach a more inclusive curriculum and increasing their awareness of and sensitivity to implicit racism, discrimination, and bias in language and learning styles. 


In order to support all writers in Metro Louisville we are committed to breaking down barriers of access, including barriers of geography, education, and socio-economics, barriers that impact communities of color more than others. We will continue to scrutinize our best practices and implement systems-level changes by:

  • Attracting more diverse and representative members to serve on our board of directors and our board of advisors.

  • Exploring ways in which we can better reach and collaborate with writers of color.

  • Providing safe spaces (in-person and online) for diverse communities to learn and gather in a manner respectful of everyone.